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Building a professional body we can be proud of that unites our common values.


Join us


Uniting industry professionals who are  in agreement

with our code of conduct.

Student Membership:

Available to those trained
by Alliance Trainers
Your trainers will provide details.

Students who are have not been trained by Alliance Trainers must agree to take our online course.

Benefits of Joining as Student Member

Once Alliance Trainers have completed their training and members have graduated, your trainers will offer learners student membership validated for one year.

Members will then be invited to our social media forum page and Alliance group, able to meet other trainers and members.

Once joined, members will have access our welcome pack, learning resources, member services, support, and invited to contribute towards our online contributions.

Associate Membership:

Members trained
by  Alliance Trainers

Associate membership is available to Student Members trained by Alliance Trainers

Benefits of Joining as an Associate

Associate membership is available for Student Members trained by Alliance Trainers and is available for two years after student membership.

Associate members will have access to our membership page and will be invited to access to our social media forums, accessing trainers’ profiles and additional learning resources and future job opportunities.

All associate members will be provided with a membership pack.

Once your student membership is up, you will be contacted to apply for Associate membership at the Associate membership price.

Full Professional Membership:

Professional Butlers, 
Associated Professionals
Household and Estates and hospitality

Available  for industry Professionals from luxury hotels and Private 

Benefits of Joining as a Full Member 


All Industry Professionals Household Butlers, resident manager and associated professionals and are welcome to join the Butler Alliance.

All members will have access a membership area and will be invited to industry events, both online and in person.

Members will have access to social media pages. All members will have access to online resources and potential job vacancies.

By agreeing to our code of conduct, members will stand united in representing our professional.

Invitations to social events during the year and access to prominent industry figures.

Industry latest news, online jobs and vacancies, membership resource pack.

Online connections, access to social media forums. and Membership certification.

Professional Trainer

Industry Butler Trainers, 
Schools and Academics

Benefits of Joining as an Alliance Trainer 

  • Join an exclusive group of like-minded professionals who are committed to raising industry standards and our professional image.

  •  Agree to work together in partnership and friendship, in a not-for-profit organisation.

  • Provide scholarships and sponsorship opportunities for associates interested in acquiring professional qualifications.

  • International recognition and course Accreditation.

  • Free Butler Alliance  membership and access to our members area and resource pack, social media access, networking and jobs. 

Membership Benefits


Exclusive features.

Knowledge sharing platform

Access to our Butler online community.

An exclusive industry network & live events

News about training opportunities & complimentary training events

Access to the worlds leading Butler authorities

Invitation to the Butler Alliance Annual Conference.

Free advice and consultancy.

Help to improve industry standards

Industry accreditation

Membership aligned to an Industry code of conduct, good practice at all times. 

Access to training videos, blogs and newsletters. 

Membership Application

Join The Butler Alliance

Agree to our terms below and send us your email

We will send you our application pack

Thanks for submitting!



  1. UNITE: Our main goal is to bring together the Butler Profession in all its variations.

  2. QUALITY: To promote the very highest of standards.

  3. TRANSPARENCY:  To welcome and help new members follow our code of conduct.

  4. KNOWLEDGE SHARING:  To share our knowledge and experience freely with members.


We agree to establish clear and acceptable behaviour for Butler Alliance members.

All members willingly give their consent to be bound by this code of conduct.

Membership Agreement:

  1. All members are treated with respect and have equal rights. We will abide by the Alliance guidance regarding personal conduct.

  2. Not to engage in any form of sexual, racial, religious or any other kind of harassment

  3. To be an ambassador for the Alliance and uphold the good repute of  the  profession.

  4. Not to make any statement on behalf of the Alliance through any public medium, without authorization to from the Alliance Board.

  5. Members may not use the name of the Alliance other that as a Butler.

  6. Members must not solicit clients from fellow members.

  7. Members agree not to use offensive language, in their communications.

  8. Alliance members will be represented by an elected executive who will abide by the Alliance Constitution.

  9. The executive will elect a chairman annually to represent Alliance membership.

    Executive 2024: Steven Ferry, Robert Watson, Vincent Vermeulen, Wayne Fitzharris, additional members to be invited.

    Executive 2023: Steven Ferry, Robin Stuart, Vincent Vermeulen, Wayne Fitzharris, Simeon Rosset, Robert Watson, Rick Fink, Olaf Eman 

    Board of Directors : Steven Ferry, Robert Watson, Wayne Fitzharris, Vincent Vermeulen

    Founders: Steven Ferry, Robin Stuart, Josephine Ives, Vincent Vermeulen, Wayne Fitzharris, Simeon Rosset, Robert Watson, Rick Fink, Olaf Eman and Marc van Bergen

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