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Creating Our Legacy

Over the last thousand years, the Butler profession has been defined by Butlers passing on their skills and knowledge, with each new generation of Butlers striving to emulate, surpass and improve the standards and values that previously existed.  


Our industry is  defined by history and the level of professionalism we attain. Over time, our industry diversified and differences emerged in what a Butler represents today. The standards and values that Butlers are synonymous for, risk being lost due to the pressures and expectations of modern living.  

 We cannot change the past, but we can work together to improve the future.    

If we value the very highest of standards, we must become role models for the next generation to follow. We all have the opportunity to define and protect our legacy by acquiring the mindset, skillset and behaviour that employers and guests value, so that our profession can continue to be cherished.

Still Life
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To improve the Butler Profession by agreeing to a code of conduct, which helps create a professional attitude and attract more people to a life of self-less service.

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Every Alliance member should aim to improve the standards we have learned from the generations who have gone before us, and present our profession as one worthy of distinction.

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