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Vincent Vermeulen

School for Butlers & Hospitality

Vincent Vermeulen
Vice Chairman

Vincent is the founder and director of School for Butlers and Hospitality. A unique school in the world offering an 8 week butler training unseen in the world.

He is already the fourth generation - since 1884 - of a family that has dedicated its life to working in the hospitality and service industry. His family’s experience in this field is simply unrivalled in Belgium.

His relationship with the world’s greatest luxury establishments also means that the school can open doors that remain closed to all others. He has worked in various Michelin-star restaurants, trained and worked as a butler in London & France and led hospitality and service departments in a number of multinationals.

He is first and foremost a customer experience expert and consults for organisations and companies worldwide.  Next to that he’s also fellow of the Guild of International Professional Toastmasters  and author of the book ‘What we can learn from the butler’ and 'Guestology 2.0'.


Founding Members & Executive 

Those who helped found our Alliance 


Robin Stuart

Former Chairman

simeon rosset_edited_edited.jpg

Simeon Rossett


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Rick Fink


Olaf Eman _edited.jpg

Olaf Eman


josephine ive_edited.jpg

Josephine Ives

Marc Van Bergen 2.jpg

Marc Van Bergen


Amer Vargas

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Julius Smith

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