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The Alliance of Professional Butlers

A home for Professional Butlers, Estate & Household Managers, Personal Assistants, Trainers, Graduates, & Related Positions


Our Commitment to improve Industry Standards

Steven Ferry - Butler Alliance President


Together we will promote the very highest standards and share our experience.


You agree to share your knowledge to other members.


You agree to welcome and help new members attain our code of conduct.


Alliance Aims

To brings together all Professional Butlers and related industry professions to agree and abide by our code of conduct:-

  1. Raise Industry Butler standards.

  2. Promote the Butler profession at all times.

  3. Share characteristics of quality, Integrity and Honesty.

  4. Transfer skills, knowledge and experience with colleagues.

  5. Become an integral member of the Alliance : (An organisation for butlers by butlers).

Become an Accredited Trainer

The Butler Alliance welcomes all professional Butler Trainers related training professions. All our Trainers follow a Strict Code of Conduct in order to use the Butler Alliance Accreditation which sets industry standards of training to always teach professionally to the highest standards. 

Students, employer’s and clients may provide feedback should standards fall below your expectations.


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